Is it a violation to date within a circle of friends?

The Laws of Attraction run deep within the stems of our nerves as humans. We often find ourselves having desires for things we think aren’t obtainable. But our words are our wand, so why can’t it be our bond?

Often times, we find ourselves being with one person, meeting his/her friend and saying ‘Hey, How you doing?’ Because we find him/her attractive. Now we find ourselves daydreaming about an anticipated encounter that would lead to a hot passionate tryst. Or better yet, a long term love affair that will leave the scandalous soap opera of Dallas with their mouths open!

What happens, when your relationship falls apart, is it ok to pursue the friend that you fantasized about? What if it’s a mutual attraction, do you act on it?

How come the laws of attraction apply differently between men and women? Is it looked upon differently if a woman dates within a circle of friends as oppose to a man dating within a circle of friends?

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8 Responses to “Is it a violation to date within a circle of friends?”


  2. I think it depends on the depth of the relationship, but if you want to pursuit something with the friend let it grow slow over time so it won’t look like you are just hopping from friend to friend. The mutual attraction on his part could also be from things he’s heard.
    Of course it is looked upon differently, but at the end of the day its all about the woman having self respect and not allowing the gang to experience her fruit with such ease…Especially if the whole clique is attractive, lol.

  3. Phoenix_Beauty Says:

    Violation… Men have no issues with letting a girl run the crew with time put in or not. I do agree that females need to have more respect for self. She has to look her self in the mirror.

    But on the hand I have seen/ heard occasion where a female/ male have dated one friend it doesn’t work and the other friend won! It happens. Will it be me??? No I am to selfish to share and can’t be bothered with complicated emotions. I take friendships very seriously so it won’t be me dipping in the “EX” basket…

  4. jayneece1 Says:

    Whats the difference with hoes winning…and deadbeats winning. Women with standards finish last, just like the good guys!

  5. Well, if the law attracts me to you, I’m going to try it. Life is way too short to worry about what others feel. I have made decisions based on what others thought and I am no longer going to allow their opinions to over-ride what I would like to do.

    Besides, the people in our lives are here for a reason. And my ex’s reason may be to introduce me to my new boo!


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